Metal products for chemical industry

Pipes and pipeline parts for reformers (ammonia production):

  • radiant area: N08800 / N08810 / N08811 (immediate analogue ХН32Т)

    • low carbon content of 0.05-0.1%, which reduces the possibility of carbide formation (especially at high temperatures);

    • controlled Ti + Al content of 0.4-0.7% (for operation at temperatures of 540°C-760°C) or 0.85-1.2% (at temperatures above 760°C) - oxidation resistance at temperatures above 600ºС;

    • supplied in maximum length to minimize the number of welds.

  • convection area: TP321H, TP347H;

  • dimensional range: OD 42,16-219,08 mm, WTH 2,77-23,01 mm.

High and medium pressure section (carbamide production):

  • strippers, coolers, scrubbers: heat exchanging pipes of austenitic grade 25Cr22Ni-2Mo (1.4466 or 310MoLN) or alternatively super-duplex steel S32750 (2507, 1.4410) with higher resistance to pitting (pit corrosion) due to a higher coefficient PREN; dimensional range OD 19–26 mm, TC1.65-2.11 mm, length up to 26 m;

  • pipelines and pipeline parts: 25Cr-22Ni-2Mo (1.4466 or 310MoLN) or 316LUG (1.4435);

  • Corrosion tests: ASTM A262 (pr.B, C), GOST 6032 (remote control method). Corrosion rate: 0.10 mm / year.

Metal products for production of orthophosphoric and sulfuric acids, nitrogen fertilizers:

  • pipes for heating elements of dihydrate production from alloy N08028, S32750 (2507, 1.4410), ХН30МДБ; TP904L; dimensional range 57 * 3 and 85 * 4;

  • pipelines and pipeline parts: TP904L, TP304L, TP310, 03H18N11, 08H18N10T, 10X23N18;

  • heat exchange tubes: TP304L, TP310, 03H18N11, 08H18N10T, 10X23N18;

  • Corrosion tests: ASTM A262 (pr.B, C), GOST 6032 (remote control method).