Gas preparation systems

Now gas began gradually the number one energy source for municipal and industrial power plants.

Natural gas used in the stationary plants for electric power generation makes it possible to increase efficiency by 6-7%, taking into account the reduction in BOP flow rates of the power plants, to increase productivity by 30% or more. Natural gas used in the low duty power plants, primarily in peak capacities is especially effective.

Notwithstanding that natural gas is an excellent fuel due to its chemical properties, it is required to clean it of mechanical impurities, monitor fuel rate, increase or reduce pressure in compliance with the end user’s requirements. For this purpose it is required the gas conditioning equipment manufactured and supplied by our company.

We implement projects of any complexity from the gas pipeline tie-in point to the gas turbine inlet, including all necessary equipment:

  • high alert automatic gas distribution stations ready-to-use;
  • gas conditioning facilities;
  • commercial and process-oriented gas metering units;
  • gas reduction units;
  • booster compressor stations;
  • closed cooling systems;
  • gas heaters;
  • emergency and stop valve units.

Our products:

1. Gas conditioning facilities

  • Gas cleaning of liquid and solid inclusions (coarse filters)
    We use only advanced separator filters with cleaning line automatic switching and condensate drainage, which allows highly efficient cleaning of the gas of liquid and mechanical impurities in compliance with the customer’s requirements.
  • Commercial metering station
    Use of the advanced flowmeters ensures high accuracy of gas flow metering up to +/- 0.5%. Any type of flowmeter can be used in compliance with the customer’s requirements. Additionally, the natural gas metering station is equipped with a natural gas flow chromatograph and dew point analyzer for water and hydrocarbons.
  • Gas heating
    We calculate and offer various design options of the gas heating units with coolant supply from both an external source and a BOP boiler house included in the gas conditioning station.
  • Reduction (stabilization) of gas pressure
    The professionals of our company recognize the importance of the pressure accuracy at the inlet of gas turbine or booster gas compressor. We use only advanced pressure controllers of the world's leading manufacturers with high control accuracy.
  • Stop valve units
    The efficiency of gas cleaning is calculated on the basis of the gas turbine manufacturer’s requirements, and the response speed of the safety check valves and safety bleeder valve is in compliance with the normative documents of the Russian Federation.

2. Booster compressor stations

The professionals of our company can render assistance in selection of the compressor unit type in compliance with the field of use, optimum characteristics and composition of the auxiliary equipment.

The BCSs are equipped with the gas turbine power stations of various capacities. They are used for compression and supply of fuel to the gas turbine and gas reciprocating units.


  • large thermal power plants;
  • small power facilities;
  • stand-alone power supply centers for industrial enterprises;
  • gas turbine tables;

Subject to use we equip the booster compressors with the following systems:

  • container configuration with all necessary life support, fire fighting, ventilation, heating and maintenance systems;
  • input and output valve unit, including the compressor protection filters and the control valve for pressure reduction or stabilization;
  • electric motors of leading manufacturers;
  • input guide vanes;
  • closed gas cooling systems with supply of coolant from both an external source and air-cooling units;
  • automatic control systems for BCS, GCS and associated equipment;
  • low-voltage complete devices;
  • soft starters;
  • lubrication systems for the compressors;
  • nitrogen distribution stands for the gas seals.