By generated fluid type:

  • steam (at the outlet: steam for subsequent generation of electrical power or process requirements)
  • hot water (at the outlet: hot water)
  • utilizers (behind the gas turbines and in process cycles)

By firing method:

  • grate firing
  • flaring
  • fluidized bed (FB)/circulating fluidized bed (CFB)

By fuel firing type:

  • gas-and-oil-burning
  • coal-dust
  • waste burning
  • biofuel-operated boilers

By configuration:

  • T-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • towered-type
  • Process solutions

By heat diagram:

  • drum-type
  • uniflow

By steam parameters:

  • subcritical (SBC); pressure: up to 190-200 kg/cm2, temperature: 540-570°С
  • supercritical (SPC); pressure: 220-260 kg/cm2, temperature: 540-570°С
  • ultra supercritical (USPC); pressure: over 280 kg/cm2, temperature: over 600°С

By air heater type:

  • with regenerative air heater
  • with tubular air heater

By configuration:

  • power
  • industrial
  • power technology
  • waste heat boilers
  • Engineering solutions for waste heat boilers (WHB)

By heat diagram:

  • single-circuit
  • two-circuit
  • three-circuit with reheat
  • uniflow
  • hot water

By general station requirements:

  • for variable pressure operation
  • for plant steam line operation, including a WHB with a finish burning device FBD

By configuration:

  • horizontal
  • vertical